Best things to Do in Sitka, Alaska

Best things to Do in Sitka, Alaska

Alaska is a place where you can find everything on a trip. Adventure, thrill, wildlife, and breathtaking views. However, roaming around whole Alaska is probably not a good idea. You should see it in parts. One of those destinations is Sitak, located on Baranof and Chichagof Islands. It is an Inside passage cruise in Alaska. However you can call it a fun destination. Here you can reach only via air, ferry or cruise. So, while you are looking for cheap flights on Google Flights, make sure to check about the way of reaching here. Now let’s see what the things to do in Sitka are.

The Sitka National Park

The best way to get delve into its history. Go to the visitor center, from there your journey to know about its past will begin. You will see artifacts, films, and exhibits. You will learn about local history with its people. So go out there explore the Russian era structures, Tlingit Totem poles, and the wildlife.

There is a southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center, situated near the visitor centers. It will teach you about native art via hands-on classes. When you are exploring it, you will come across many totem poles around the ground and in the visitor center as well. There is a battle site from 1904, The Russian Bishop’s house and the Russian memorial. If you are curious about the wildlife here, You will witness Spawning salmon, raptors, Sitka Blacktail deer and Shorebirds. It is one of the best things to do in Sitka.

The Sitka National Park

The Sheldon Jackson Museum

There was a person called ‘ Dr. Sheldon Jackson’ who had traveled all over Alaska. He was a 19th-century teacher and missionary. This museum has a collection of his work. It includes artifacts from Northwest coast, Aleut, Alutiiq, Inupiat, Athbascan, and Yup’ik tribes. In short you are going to see the native Alaskan life from the 19th century. How they lived, what they wear and what they eat? So, get ready for the best history lesson you will have about life in the cold north.

The dance

Well, there is nothing better than watching a dance performance into Alaska. Two groups do regular shows for visitors. Each will show you the unique culture of local people. There are new Archangel dancers which consist of 35 women. Their dance is about Russian culture showing through songs and folk dance. The other group is Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Native Dancers. They have both male and female performers. The showtime run is about 30 minutes in modern Tlingit clan house. Watching these performers is another best thing to do in Sitka will leave you stunned. You can also read more about places to visit in New York for a one day trip.

The Annual Festivals and Events

When you are there, check out for annual festivals. Who knows you might get a chance to become part of the local culture. Some of the festivals are Sitka Summer music festival, Sitka whale fest, and Alaska Day festivals. Read more about Sitka, Alaska here

So, these are some things to in Sikta on your holiday here. For searching for hotels, we would suggest Google Flights. It’s easy to search for cheap hotels here.


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