Unique places in Los Angeles

Unique Places in Los Angeles to spend the Weekend

Unique places in Los Angeles? Los Angeles is the city of dreams where if you can dream, you get it. However, sometimes it’s essential to take a break and enjoy the little moments in life. So if you place to spend your weekend in Los Angeles, then we have got pretty good recommendations for you. We are sure you will love going to these places. In case you are coming to LA, then include them in your list. For cheap flights tickets, go to Google Flights. There you will find many affordable flight options. Now let’s head to those places for a great weekend.

3 Unique Places in LA for the weekend Trip

We have three unique place for you. Check them out

  1. The Castaway
  2. The Terranea Resort
  3. The Rooftop by JG

The Castaway

You might have confused it with the movie ‘castaway,’ but it is not the case. Its a restaurant high in the hills with the view of San Fernando Valley. You should know these places had remodeled which costs more than 10 million dollars.  It has a modern century flair, a meat aging room, and the green room bar. It will definitely intimate you into spending more time there.  The place where you will eat is situated between open space and indoor space.So you get the feelings of outdoor-indoor flow. Please go there in the evening to watch the astonishing sunset or late in the night to watch the view from there.  It is located at 1250 E Harvard Road, Burbank.

The Terranea Resort

The best thing is the Four Pool here, which will surely impress you. The morning and evening, both are fantastic here. The places itself is excellent. Located on the Palos Verde Peninsula,  it will get your feelings to your core. There is Gym for workout, A golf course, and the casita plus bed to get you relaxed and give you a good sleep.  In Short, whatever you do here, The weekend will be awesome. If you want to sit and relax, do it. If you’re going to do the activities, it is also good.  It is situated in 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes.

unique places in LA

The Rooftop by JG

One of the places in Los Angeles, from where the stars appear more visible and the sunset is more special than any other thing. However, it is a great place to enjoy the food as well. You will have the menu curated by the top chef celebrity Jean- Georges Vongerichten. As the sun is setting or you are watching the stars at night, enjoy this fantastic with your family or with your Spouse. The pineapple Mai tai is something you should definitely try out. It would be good to book a seat in advance.  This restaurant is located in 9850 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills.


So,  we have chosen three places for you to spend your weekend. Whether you are living in LA or coming here for a holiday, you should check them out. If you are looking for cheap hotels, then Google Flights is a good option for you. There are many cheap hotels there.

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