Unique Features Of Google Flights

Google flights is a popular flight search engine among travel websites. There are many available on the internet open, but there are few features, which makes unique on the internet. So, we are going to tell you about the unique features of Google flights, which you can use to find the cheapest tickets for your flights.

Unique Features

Track Prices

It is the most popular features of google flights. When you are searching for a plane on google flight, you can track the prices of individualtrips. For doing it, open google flight, when you search for a flight, you can see the option of enabling the tracking. Just Right it swipes to get the feature.

Now, every time there is high or low in the price, Google will send you an alert. However, you won’t get the alerts everyday but frequently get the reminder.  You can set an unlimited number of signals on it. However, you need a Gmail account to track the prices.

Date Grid – Now, This is the second great feature of Google flight. Using the Date grid to understand the prices. When you search, Google automatically searches for cheaper dates based on historical data.  The times are presented in a row and column.  When the dates are most affordable, it’s in green, and when the prices are higher, they are shown in Red.

If you are flexible in travel dates, scroll down or up to see the costs.

Price Graph – Price graph is a terrific tool to use when you want to travel for a more extended period. On the price graph, adjust the dates to see the prices. They will fluctuate according to airlines prices. You do not always get the lowest prices for a more extended period.

Airports – When travelling to a place, in airports, one can see the nearby airports with the prices. It may be up or down. Alternatively, you can add the airport if you are planning to travel to multiple cities. It saves you money and the problem of booking again.

Exploring Google Flights package option

The option we are talking about is ‘Package’ feature. You can access it on Google flight from the menu. We are going to take an example to explain it. Let’s say you are living in Las Vegas. Now you want to take a trip to ‘Los Angeles.’ The dates are between Sep 12 and Sep 19, 2019. You go to Google flight site. There you go to packages. Now you enter Las Vegas into the departure option and Los Angeles in the arrival option. The number of travelers is two.

Now on the screen, you will see various filters. There are filters from flight and hotel both. For example, there is a Guest rating of the hotel and airline list. You will see the list of the hotel; besides it, you will know the name of the airlines. You can filter out many things here.

You will see the hotels name, what service they will offer you. When you click on an item, on the next page everything will be detailed out. Location of the hotel, the timing of the flight. What Amenities you will get while staying there.

Unique Features

Let’s say for this trip; you choose The Westin Bonaventure Hotel. You click on it, on the next page, you will see the real reviews from real people who have stayed there.

So, you can book the entire package from here. You only have to worry about visiting famous places in the city. There is a price bar; you can adjust it as per your wish. While you are booking it, don’t forget to say thanks to Google Flights.

So, these are the unique features presents in Google Flights. Let’s have a quick recap to understand them in a nutshell.  The first feature is track prices, Which you can use for tracking the flight prices for a specific destination. The second feature is Date grid, which tells you about the prices with the dates.

The third feature is the price graph which will tell  you about the trend of price over a period of time. In the last there is the package option, which tell you about the several package for your chosen destinatons.

So, these are the unique features of Google Flights.

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