Travel in 2020, Check Out These Destinations

The New Year is upon us. It means as a traveler, it time to check out new destinations. There are a lot of places to check out, although it is tough to decide where you want to go. So, here we tried to tell out about some of the best destinations. You might have already checked them out in your previous journeys. If you have them, jump to next destinations, otherwise read, why it is unique. In case you begin to look for cheap flights deals, you can take the help of Google Flights Travel. Now, let’s see what those destinations are.

New Orleans

We will begin with the traditional choices. Now, one might think, why new although. Well, there are two reasons, its cuisine tried and its history. Both are always a treat to explore. You should begin your journey with NewOrleans for a fresh traveling experience. There has been newly open bars, hotels and museums. There is a newer airport too back in November. It means, it is now easy to come to this city. An Orleans international airports where you will get to eat in Dooly Chase or visit the local market false market.

If you are planning to travel with kids, then after coming here. You should go to Louisiana Children’s museums. It is an exciting museum to check out. There is a new world war two museum as well in the warehouse district. Overall you will enjoy the city.

Travel in 2020

A Day For History Travel, Visit Washington, D.C

How we can forget about Washington D.C., we will get directly to the points. For the 100th anniversary of the passage of women’s suffering, you should head to the Smithsonian National Museum of American history. It will happen in March with a curated exhibition which will be titled, ‘Creating Icons: How we remember women’s suffrage.’ From there, you should head to National archive museums. Where there is a new exhibition going on Titled “Rightfully Hers: American women and the right to vote.”

From there you should move to the Planet word Museum. It is dedicated to the history of language. Don’t you think it would be a unique kind of museum to check out?  Now, for those history buffers, who want to visit a place for photography? Go to the National Portrait Gallery is the place where you should go. There are several new portraits to check out.

There are many new hotels which will be open. Hotel Zena, more modern, and the generator are some of them. You can use Google Flights to book these hotels, and who knows, you might have some offers as well.

Other places which you should not miss are Vietnam veteran memorials, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, National November of art and National Air and Space Museum. These all are the best places to check out in Washington D.C

A Unique Destination -Rwanda

Now, it’s time to go international.  We present you a unique destinations to check out a nation of the individual. The place is famous for having mountain gorillas. The problem was, the places to stay wereminimal to stay, thus the reason for not exploring it. However now, a new state of the art resorts are getting opened, thus making 2020 an entire year to check out this beautiful country. Overall all you are going to love this country. For flights, you can check out Google Flights Travel.

The Culture in Galway Ireland

For time to experience a new culture. To do, head to the city of Galway in Ireland. Located on the wild Atlanticway. It is a city with old fashioned pubs and modern restaurants. First head to Eyre Square, where you will see the blend of an old and new culture. Then in LatinQuarter, you can shop for local goods. You won’t get bored, because there would be street performers to entertain you. Do you know there are more than 100 festivals are celebrated the city earning the name city of festivals — two of the most famous called Galway International Arts and Galway races.

So, these are some of the best destinations you can check out to travel in 2020. We are sure you will love these unique places. For flights and hotel booking, you can take the help of Google Flights. Enjoy your traveling.

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