The best attraction to Visit in Colorado

Colorado is a city where you can get every kind of travel experience. If you want to visit a mountain or natural hot springs in a valley.  However there are always some places which are more special than others. So here we will recommend some of the places to visit for your next holiday. However, it doesn’t matter where you live; you can always come here. So, in case you are looking for cheap flights, Google Flights is a good option.  There, you will find many low airfares. 


Top Attractions in Colorado

Here are some top attractions

  1. ​The Waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls
  2. The Million Dollar Highway
  3. The Royal Gorge

The Waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls

We begin our list with Bridalveil falls. It is the largest waterfall in Colorado situated near Telluride.  Its height is 365 down. Now you know the height, you can imagine the view from the low to seeing it all to the top. However, to get here,  you have to hike it; it will take you around two hours for it.  It is not extreme hiking however it is two miles away and may take around one hour to do it.  However, waterfall is not the only scenery here. Take your time, then roam nearby to see stunning landscapes. Check out the wiki for more info

The Million Dollar Highway

It’s time to go to the southwestern area of Colorado. The specific place would be near Ouray. There are so many attractions here to visit; it is difficult to put them down in one list.  However if you are interested in taking a beautiful road trip, then the million-dollar highway is the answer to it.

It is only 25 miles long, but the places you see, the photographic views will compel you to get out of your car, enjoy it and then to click many photos for your social media.  There is a historic mining town of Silverton. Visit it to get a peek into its history.

Along the highway, you will come across many unique things. There is a ghost town called Animas Forks. There is a waterfall in Box Canyon, A small town Ouray and a Trimble Spa and the San Juan National Forest.

The Royal Gorge

Here something for the thriller & adventure seeker. If you really want to experience the adrenaline rush in your body, then Go to the Royal Gorge Bridge. There you will have a chance to walk on the highest suspension bridge in the united states of America. You may think it is easy since it is a bridge. However, it’s worth to check your courage. When you are in the middle of the bridge, it may feel like a dream, since both sides, the bottom is so deep down, you wish to don’t see it.

Do you want to know the exact height? Well, it’s 1200 feet down.  The river below it is known as the Arkansas River.  After Few minutes, you will definitely feel relaxed, then get some pics to share on your Instagram account.

We have included all three for you. If you came to colorado and search for hotels, Google Flights is the website you should check first.

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