Explore these destinations for your next Trips in 2020

The 2019 is coming to an end; you must be planning for your next travel destinations in 2020. There are a lot of exciting destinations which would add experience in your upcoming journeys. However, you may end up thinking about where to go. So, this is why we are bringing some of the best destinations you can go in 2020. So, check for your cheap flights on Google Flights, begin hunting. You will save much money if book a little bit early. One more thing, we won’t tell you many places, only few destinations, so you get confused about your next trip in 2020.

Greek Islands

Some destinations are adventures, some are peaceful, and some are seductive. Greek Island is the alluring destination, where you might rouse with the sight. The sighting, the restaurants, and bars are so tempting, you might think of permanently living there. However there is one thing, you may find the hotel price too high. So, before you are ready to take the flight, make sure to find a cheap hotel. The Santorini For Vineyards hike Crete Samaria Gorge or Go to south to visit Mediterranean.

greek island

FishTail in Montana, USA

Ranches, the Heartbeat of America. When you land here, make sure to rent a car to drive. There are many ranches in the USA, but fishtail is unique in places. First you should go to Tippet Rise is a sculpture park.  It spanned across 12000 acres.  The cattle roaming in Sky Country Scenery is another treat for your eyes.  Make sure to check out the artwork. It is cryptic and compelling.


If Your Trip is a blend of Spiritual adventure, then the right place would be Kalutara in Sri Lanka. Here you will find healing practice with Ayurveda. There is no shortage here. So, you will have plenty of chances. Your Body and Mind will be rejuvenated. Imagine this scene. You have booked a hotel, you check at night, but in the morning, you see the entire place is set within Pepper, Cinnamon and Coconut farming. Other than this, You will get to try out Herbal Treatments, Changing Diet, meditation, and Yoga. So, With peace of mind, while looking at the history of the city. There are Colonial Bungalow, Rainforest, and Peaceful gardens.


The Land of Dracula,  the Mysterious mountains are calling you. The Gothic castell will haunt you, turning your travel into a thrilling, horror, and Adventure. However staying at a resort would be a good idea. The view and the sight will melt your heart.

So, these are some of the destinations where you can spend your time in 2020. If you begin to search for cheap hotels, then Google Flights is an excellent website.

mexico city (1)

What free things you can do in Mexico City

When you are in Mexico City, there is no ending of the things you can do. But We know every activity costs you money. But in every city, there are things to do, which requires no dimes. So, we wanted to bring you a few of those things you can do in Mexico City. Some of the things very obvious, but reminding them is not a good idea. If you are already here or planning to, you can check for low airfares on Google Flights. There you will see cheap flight tickets. Now, let’s see about those things.

Mexico city

The Street Performances in Mexico City

If you have ever lived in the big cities in the United States of America, you must be already familiar with it. The street performances are one of the best free things to do in Mexico City. When you are exploring this beautiful city, you should not be surprised when you come across it. From modern performances, you will see the dances wearing traditional costumes of Aztec dancers.  The Voladores is probably the most popular here. You will find them in front of the National Museum Of Anthropology. At Garibaldi Metro station you will see Mariachi play. You can even hire them to sing you. If you are traveling with kids, then they should have a chance to view it.  But if you don’t want to pay, then listening is enough. Visit your family on Thanksgiving under 400$

Visiting The Museums

There are many museums in New Mexico, which charge very less or completely free to take a tour. Here are a few of them to see it. You will have a chance to see the city history.  The first museum you should go would be the Museo Palacio Cultural Banamex. There are many collections of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, And Jose Clemento Orszoxo.  After that, you can head to  Museo Soumaya. This museum was the visitation of the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.  You will see a variety of art collections.  Some museums offer one free day admission in a week. They are Museo Dolores Olmedo and Noche De Museos. 

Roaming Around the Mexico City Market

These are the activities about which you will say, isn’t it obvious. But still we wanted to mention it. Mexico City has some of the fascinating markets in the world. The things, if you wanted to explore every bit of the market, you would need a few days to do it. It would be up to you if you wanted to buy anything or not. But still, it is a place you don’t want to miss. The Mercado De la  Ciudadela at Balderas Metro station has many surprises for you.  Then in San Angel, you will find the Bazaar Sabado. Here the handicrafts are very popular. Make sure to take a look at them. Visit our guide on New Mexico. Check out more info on Mexico City here.

So, these are the things you can do free of cost in Mexico city. If you want to save more money, then you can check for cheap hotels on Google Flights. You will find good hotel deals there.

Best Cities to travel out in Thanksgiving under $400

In thanksgiving some people want to travel to other cities, some want to sit back and relax. If you are from the first category, well, then this blog is for you. We have got some really cool cities here for thanksgiving, where you can travel in less than $400. So, if you have already planned something read it to know about to do. Well if you have not stilled planned anything, then you are going to love these places, we are going to mention here. So, get on Google Flights be ready to know about them more. So, you can search for flying tickets and book them instantly.  But one thing you should know, the flight price will vary, so you may get a cheap ticker or may not.


Las Vegas

The first city should not be surprised. After all, the sin city is famous across the globe for its parties. On Thanksgiving, you can not expect muss less. Renowned as the Sin City, you can gamble, ramble and party. No matter in which casino you will enter, you are going to find the best of things. The best thing you can do is to eat your dinner in a skyscraper watching the city moving. There is nothing better than this. But one thing we have noticed, during Thanksgiving, the places could be quieter. However it does not mean the fun will be less. Check our in depth guide for Las Vegas for best things to do. 

Denver, Colorado

Now, we should move from the party place to a more relaxing place. Denver would be perfect city. The High mile city hosts several events. The best thing during thanksgiving is the Grand illumination at the Denver Union Station.  There are many places for ice skating. Do it only if you are feeling comfortable with it. The temperature could go high as 40 and low as 20. Make sure you have clothes for winter. And for the cheap flights, the ideal airline would be united airlines.  The basic economy tickets you could find out under $300. However checking out other airlines would not be a bad idea.


There is nothing better than a place that has a blend of high skyline buildings and nature. So, how about visiting the site wherein one shot you can cover both. This is what you can expect in Seattle, Washington. A place surrounded by buildings, trees, and water will be a choice you will never regret when you made it. The best thing here would be walking around in the morning when everything is calm. Head to Pike place market for eating, shopping and exploring. There is Space needle which you should check out. You can not predict the rain here, so it would be better to bring waterproof jacket as well. Now for cheap flying tickets, we would recommend using Alaska airlines between Nov 27 and Dec 3. You could find this deal on Google Flights Search. The prices should be under less than $300. Take a trip to Mexico with our guide next holiday

So, these are the places you can check for your winter holiday. We are sure you are going to love all of them. Read more about Thanksgiving here. Happy Thanksgiving.

New Mexico city

A short guide for a trip to New Mexico

There is nothing better than traveling to a new place. The vibrant destinations can teach about history, culture, and people. The same thing you get to experience with new Mexico city, which is one of the largest cities in the world. You can visit the modern buildings as well as the building of the Aztecs. The blend of rich history and contemporary culture are easily found in this magnificent city. So, when you are searching for flights on Google Flights, make sure you are looking for longer dates. It will take time to get blend in this city. So, here is a short guide for you to starting.

What is the best time to visit here?

The first common query from travelers. Now you can come here all year long. But if you are looking for something specific, then from March to April is the best time to go here. The weather is warm, giving you a chance to explore the city without causing too much trouble.If you are unable to plan a trip to New Mexico, don’t worry. You can also visit Haunted places in USA for a thrilling weekend.  

New Mexico

What language do you need to learn if you are going to learn?

The most common language here is Spanish. Learning a few words will help you in any situation. There are other languages like Nahuatl, Otomi, and Others But Spanish will help you. If you are going to hire a guide, do not worry, they do speak English. 

What currency should you carry?

The Mexican Peso is the official currency here. Make sure to check out rates before the trade.

Things to Do here

Now we come to the part where you want to know about what you can do here. The first thing here which you should try out is to know about its rich history. There is public art to see, museums, and the fun never stops. Once you begin you will see places one by one. If you need a starting point then Go to Botanical Garden on the Unam campus. From there you can start your day. But when you are doing all these activities, remember to take a meal. Otherwise you will get hungry and no desire to explore the city.

There is Templo Mayor Archaeological site, which will teach you about history. It was the inner temple for The Aztecs. If you wish the oldest cathedral in Latin American then head to Metropolitan Cathedral.

Now it’s time to go to a museum; you can opt for National Anthropology Museum. Here you are going to learn about its real history and current geopolitical scenario.

The Airport in Mexico city

You are likely to land to Benito Juarez International airport.  But if you are coming by Land, then there are four major Bus stations here. You can get UBER or a taxi as well. You can Fly to Mexico, directly from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

Where to Stay

Here is something where new Mexico city is excellent. There are many accommodations here, which you can find on Google Flights. They are cheap and good. So you can save money as well. If you need more info on New Mexico, please visit here

Las Vegas

Best things to do in Las Vegas

The Sin City, this is the name often attributed to Las Vegas. However, when you actually want to visit here, you want to know what are some of things to do that make Las Vegas special. So here we are going to suggest some activities. Once you begin to explore the city, you can do these things easily. So if you are planning a vacation over a weekend then you should start your search for cheap flights on Google Flights. There you will find many good flight deals to Las Vegas.

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Unique places in Los Angeles

Unique Places in Los Angeles to spend the Weekend

Unique places in Los Angeles? Los Angeles is the city of dreams where if you can dream, you get it. However, sometimes it’s essential to take a break and enjoy the little moments in life. So if you place to spend your weekend in Los Angeles, then we have got pretty good recommendations for you. We are sure you will love going to these places. In case you are coming to LA, then include them in your list. For cheap flights tickets, go to Google Flights. There you will find many affordable flight options. Now let’s head to those places for a great weekend.

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The best attraction to Visit in Colorado

Colorado is a city where you can get every kind of travel experience. If you want to visit a mountain or natural hot springs in a valley.  However there are always some places which are more special than others. So here we will recommend some of the places to visit for your next holiday. However, it doesn’t matter where you live; you can always come here. So, in case you are looking for cheap flights, Google Flights is a good option.  There, you will find many low airfares. 

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Best things to Do in Sitka, Alaska

Best things to Do in Sitka, Alaska

Alaska is a place where you can find everything on a trip. Adventure, thrill, wildlife, and breathtaking views. However, roaming around whole Alaska is probably not a good idea. You should see it in parts. One of those destinations is Sitak, located on Baranof and Chichagof Islands. It is an Inside passage cruise in Alaska. However you can call it a fun destination. Here you can reach only via air, ferry or cruise. So, while you are looking for cheap flights on Google Flights, make sure to check about the way of reaching here. Now let’s see what the things to do in Sitka are.

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