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Places to visit in New York for a One day trip?

Planning a trip to NY and Looking for places to visit in New York ? This guide has all the correct answers for your query. Let’s get started. When you are visiting New York for a few hours or let’s say for one day. There are so many things to do here which can not be done in one visit or one day. However there are still things to do, places to visit to make your short holiday here special. This is why we have a plan for you, which you can follow to make the most of the day. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets, well then we would suggest using Google Flights. Its date grid, calendar features can help you to find cheap tickets.

List of Places to Visit in New York

We have shortlisted three places to cover for this one day trip. Here they are :-

Breakfast, Bus Tour and a Visit to Museum

Without breakfast, how we could start the day. The signature breakfast of NYC is The bagel. To get the best bagel, Head to H & H Bagels, located on 80th Street and Broadway. Take the Metro, drop at 79th street, then walk to one block north on Broadway to get to H & H Bagels. Enjoy breakfast. Now there are two choices you have. Either go on a bus tour or visit a museum. There are many Bus tours like Double-decker Bus Hop-on-Hop Off, Big bus New york or City Sightseeing NYC Bus tours. Every one of them is good at showing what is best in NYC.

Call them, book your schedules. Alternatively, if you are interested in Seeing the bits and pieces of history, then you can visit the museums. The American Museums of Natural History is located on 81th street. If you walk up to central park and pass up to 82th street, there is another museum, Metropolitan Museum.

places to visit in new york

Lunch and The Greenwich Village

Now It’s time to get lunch. Head to the famous Houston Street. Use The metro, Not the cab. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic for hours. Once you are here, head to Lombardi’s Coal oven pizza, it is one of the best pizza makers in the united states of America. It would help if you were here around 2 p.m.
After you are done with lunch, let’s head for a walk. There is a neighborhood called ‘Greenwich Village.’ Wandering here will give you a feeling of Europe. There are many beautiful houses; it is peaceful. To get there, you will have to walk two blocks north on Mott street. You will come across the metro, take the uptown train, Stop at West 4th Street.

The Dinner and the view

Now we have come to dinner. In NYC the choices are limitless. However, you want to try the Chinese restaurants in Moto street. There are two restaurants which will make dinner perfect. Wo Hop and Oriental Garden. Now after lunch either you can go for a good sleep or see the city from above. We would recommend going to the Empire State building. At night, the view is accepting and exciting.

So, this was our short guide for few hours in NYC. After the long hectic day you can head to the hotel and get a good sleep. By the way, if you are looking for cheap hotel before visiting New York, Check them Out at Google Flights. Its hotel’s search feature is really good at finding cheap hotels.

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