Explore these destinations for your next Trips in 2020

The 2019 is coming to an end; you must be planning for your next travel destinations in 2020. There are a lot of exciting destinations which would add experience in your upcoming journeys. However, you may end up thinking about where to go. So, this is why we are bringing some of the best destinations you can go in 2020. So, check for your cheap flights on Google Flights, begin hunting. You will save much money if book a little bit early. One more thing, we won’t tell you many places, only few destinations, so you get confused about your next trip in 2020.

Greek Islands

Some destinations are adventures, some are peaceful, and some are seductive. Greek Island is the alluring destination, where you might rouse with the sight. The sighting, the restaurants, and bars are so tempting, you might think of permanently living there. However there is one thing, you may find the hotel price too high. So, before you are ready to take the flight, make sure to find a cheap hotel. The Santorini For Vineyards hike Crete Samaria Gorge or Go to south to visit Mediterranean.

greek island

FishTail in Montana, USA

Ranches, the Heartbeat of America. When you land here, make sure to rent a car to drive. There are many ranches in the USA, but fishtail is unique in places. First you should go to Tippet Rise is a sculpture park.  It spanned across 12000 acres.  The cattle roaming in Sky Country Scenery is another treat for your eyes.  Make sure to check out the artwork. It is cryptic and compelling.


If Your Trip is a blend of Spiritual adventure, then the right place would be Kalutara in Sri Lanka. Here you will find healing practice with Ayurveda. There is no shortage here. So, you will have plenty of chances. Your Body and Mind will be rejuvenated. Imagine this scene. You have booked a hotel, you check at night, but in the morning, you see the entire place is set within Pepper, Cinnamon and Coconut farming. Other than this, You will get to try out Herbal Treatments, Changing Diet, meditation, and Yoga. So, With peace of mind, while looking at the history of the city. There are Colonial Bungalow, Rainforest, and Peaceful gardens.


The Land of Dracula,  the Mysterious mountains are calling you. The Gothic castell will haunt you, turning your travel into a thrilling, horror, and Adventure. However staying at a resort would be a good idea. The view and the sight will melt your heart.

So, these are some of the destinations where you can spend your time in 2020. If you begin to search for cheap hotels, then Google Flights is an excellent website.

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