New Mexico city

A short guide for a trip to New Mexico

There is nothing better than traveling to a new place. The vibrant destinations can teach about history, culture, and people. The same thing you get to experience with new Mexico city, which is one of the largest cities in the world. You can visit the modern buildings as well as the building of the Aztecs. The blend of rich history and contemporary culture are easily found in this magnificent city. So, when you are searching for flights on Google Flights, make sure you are looking for longer dates. It will take time to get blend in this city. So, here is a short guide for you to starting.

What is the best time to visit here?

The first common query from travelers. Now you can come here all year long. But if you are looking for something specific, then from March to April is the best time to go here. The weather is warm, giving you a chance to explore the city without causing too much trouble.If you are unable to plan a trip to New Mexico, don’t worry. You can also visit Haunted places in USA for a thrilling weekend.  

New Mexico

What language do you need to learn if you are going to learn?

The most common language here is Spanish. Learning a few words will help you in any situation. There are other languages like Nahuatl, Otomi, and Others But Spanish will help you. If you are going to hire a guide, do not worry, they do speak English. 

What currency should you carry?

The Mexican Peso is the official currency here. Make sure to check out rates before the trade.

Things to Do here

Now we come to the part where you want to know about what you can do here. The first thing here which you should try out is to know about its rich history. There is public art to see, museums, and the fun never stops. Once you begin you will see places one by one. If you need a starting point then Go to Botanical Garden on the Unam campus. From there you can start your day. But when you are doing all these activities, remember to take a meal. Otherwise you will get hungry and no desire to explore the city.

There is Templo Mayor Archaeological site, which will teach you about history. It was the inner temple for The Aztecs. If you wish the oldest cathedral in Latin American then head to Metropolitan Cathedral.

Now it’s time to go to a museum; you can opt for National Anthropology Museum. Here you are going to learn about its real history and current geopolitical scenario.

The Airport in Mexico city

You are likely to land to Benito Juarez International airport.  But if you are coming by Land, then there are four major Bus stations here. You can get UBER or a taxi as well. You can Fly to Mexico, directly from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

Where to Stay

Here is something where new Mexico city is excellent. There are many accommodations here, which you can find on Google Flights. They are cheap and good. So you can save money as well. If you need more info on New Mexico, please visit here

Haunted places in USA

Best haunted places in U.S.A for a thrilling weekend

If you are a fan of horror movies, then you are going to love these Haunted Places. However, we know you may wonder why someone would want to go here for a weekend for paranormal experience. Well, there is every kind of travelers among us. Some love to paragliding and some love to visit a spooky place. So, if you are planning to do something unique over a weekend, then this should definitely be on your list. You should begin searching for flights on Google Flights because saving some money while having an adventure is not a bad idea.

List of Haunted Places in USA

We have listed out three Haunted places for you. Check them out and visit them to get thrilled.

  1. The Whaley House In San Diego California
  2. Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach California
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Las Vegas

Best things to do in Las Vegas

The Sin City, this is the name often attributed to Las Vegas. However, when you actually want to visit here, you want to know what are some of things to do that make Las Vegas special. So here we are going to suggest some activities. Once you begin to explore the city, you can do these things easily. So if you are planning a vacation over a weekend then you should start your search for cheap flights on Google Flights. There you will find many good flight deals to Las Vegas.

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Unique places in Los Angeles

Unique Places in Los Angeles to spend the Weekend

Unique places in Los Angeles? Los Angeles is the city of dreams where if you can dream, you get it. However, sometimes it’s essential to take a break and enjoy the little moments in life. So if you place to spend your weekend in Los Angeles, then we have got pretty good recommendations for you. We are sure you will love going to these places. In case you are coming to LA, then include them in your list. For cheap flights tickets, go to Google Flights. There you will find many affordable flight options. Now let’s head to those places for a great weekend.

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The best attraction to Visit in Colorado

Colorado is a city where you can get every kind of travel experience. If you want to visit a mountain or natural hot springs in a valley.  However there are always some places which are more special than others. So here we will recommend some of the places to visit for your next holiday. However, it doesn’t matter where you live; you can always come here. So, in case you are looking for cheap flights, Google Flights is a good option.  There, you will find many low airfares. 

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Best things to Do in Sitka, Alaska

Best things to Do in Sitka, Alaska

Alaska is a place where you can find everything on a trip. Adventure, thrill, wildlife, and breathtaking views. However, roaming around whole Alaska is probably not a good idea. You should see it in parts. One of those destinations is Sitak, located on Baranof and Chichagof Islands. It is an Inside passage cruise in Alaska. However you can call it a fun destination. Here you can reach only via air, ferry or cruise. So, while you are looking for cheap flights on Google Flights, make sure to check about the way of reaching here. Now let’s see what the things to do in Sitka are.

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attractions in new york

Places to visit in New York for a One day trip?

Planning a trip to NY and Looking for places to visit in New York ? This guide has all the correct answers for your query. Let’s get started. When you are visiting New York for a few hours or let’s say for one day. There are so many things to do here which can not be done in one visit or one day. However there are still things to do, places to visit to make your short holiday here special. This is why we have a plan for you, which you can follow to make the most of the day. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets, well then we would suggest using Google Flights. Its date grid, calendar features can help you to find cheap tickets.

List of Places to Visit in New York

We have shortlisted three places to cover for this one day trip. Here they are :-
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