Unique Features Of Google Flights

Google flights is a popular flight search engine among travel websites. There are many available on the internet open, but there are few features, which makes unique on the internet. So, we are going to tell you about the unique features of Google flights, which you can use to find the cheapest tickets for your flights.

Unique Features

Track Prices

It is the most popular features of google flights. When you are searching for a plane on google flight, you can track the prices of individualtrips. For doing it, open google flight, when you search for a flight, you can see the option of enabling the tracking. Just Right it swipes to get the feature.

Now, every time there is high or low in the price, Google will send you an alert. However, you won’t get the alerts everyday but frequently get the reminder.  You can set an unlimited number of signals on it. However, you need a Gmail account to track the prices.

Date Grid – Now, This is the second great feature of Google flight. Using the Date grid to understand the prices. When you search, Google automatically searches for cheaper dates based on historical data.  The times are presented in a row and column.  When the dates are most affordable, it’s in green, and when the prices are higher, they are shown in Red.

If you are flexible in travel dates, scroll down or up to see the costs.

Price Graph – Price graph is a terrific tool to use when you want to travel for a more extended period. On the price graph, adjust the dates to see the prices. They will fluctuate according to airlines prices. You do not always get the lowest prices for a more extended period.

Airports – When travelling to a place, in airports, one can see the nearby airports with the prices. It may be up or down. Alternatively, you can add the airport if you are planning to travel to multiple cities. It saves you money and the problem of booking again.

Exploring Google Flights package option

The option we are talking about is ‘Package’ feature. You can access it on Google flight from the menu. We are going to take an example to explain it. Let’s say you are living in Las Vegas. Now you want to take a trip to ‘Los Angeles.’ The dates are between Sep 12 and Sep 19, 2019. You go to Google flight site. There you go to packages. Now you enter Las Vegas into the departure option and Los Angeles in the arrival option. The number of travelers is two.

Now on the screen, you will see various filters. There are filters from flight and hotel both. For example, there is a Guest rating of the hotel and airline list. You will see the list of the hotel; besides it, you will know the name of the airlines. You can filter out many things here.

You will see the hotels name, what service they will offer you. When you click on an item, on the next page everything will be detailed out. Location of the hotel, the timing of the flight. What Amenities you will get while staying there.

Unique Features

Let’s say for this trip; you choose The Westin Bonaventure Hotel. You click on it, on the next page, you will see the real reviews from real people who have stayed there.

So, you can book the entire package from here. You only have to worry about visiting famous places in the city. There is a price bar; you can adjust it as per your wish. While you are booking it, don’t forget to say thanks to Google Flights.

So, these are the unique features presents in Google Flights. Let’s have a quick recap to understand them in a nutshell.  The first feature is track prices, Which you can use for tracking the flight prices for a specific destination. The second feature is Date grid, which tells you about the prices with the dates.

The third feature is the price graph which will tell  you about the trend of price over a period of time. In the last there is the package option, which tell you about the several package for your chosen destinatons.

So, these are the unique features of Google Flights.

A Trip When You Want To Use Google Flights

When you are planning a trip, there are a lot of things to consider. You need to find a destination; then, you have to choose the route. Then you have to book the hotels as well. For all of this, you spend hours trying to find the best deals on the internet. So, here we wanted to give you a short guide on how to do it with only one website, which is Google flights. Whether you believe it or not,  you can find the best deals with great deals. But the issue is, not many travelers know how to do it. This is why we wanted to tell you about it. Now, let’s get started.

A Trip

How to find the best Destination to check out

So, where are you planning to go? There must be hundreds of destinations you are thinking now. We bet. However, which destination could give surprise to you. To get a fantastic place, Google Flights can definitely help you out a trip.  To explore destinations, follow the steps.

Go to the site; there,enter the departure destination. After that, click on the map. See, it’s simple. You will see many exotic destinations for the next six months. To choose a specific month, go to the dates. There select the month & click on done. Southwest airlines do not allow to show their prices on google flights, so for booking southwest airlines, head for their website directly. Trust us; you will get great deals on various dates with exotic places.

When you are searching for the flights, there are four options which will help you in finding a good deal.

  1. Date Grid
  2. Price Graph
  3. Nearby Airports
  4. Track Prices

Which Is The Best Route To Choose | A Trip

When you are planning a holiday which has only three days, you need to work on traveling hours. If it is taking more than six hours, then you should not choose a location. You do not have to think only about the flying hours but count the time of getting the airports, boarding the plane as well. So, when you are planning a trip, think about all of these things.

Are you looking for a deal on Hotel Bookings?

In this matter, again, you can take the help of Google Flights. It is going to show you great deals on Hotels. Choose the lowest price with optimal services. If you can use any rewards to lower the cost, do not hesitate to do it.

Now, you have done all these things; however, if you are still not able to find those good deals, it is time to do something different. Here we have one more tip for finding those cheap flight deals. But you can continue with your holiday planning. 

When you are looking for a hotel, three options will significantly help in finding the best deals. Those three options are.

  1. Where to stay
  2. When to visit
  3. What you will pay

These three options will help immensely to get a good hotel. Where to stay for a specific location in massive destinations. The dates and how much you are willing to pay.

At Least, Visit the Airline's Website

Well, before you know what the discounts are, you must know what the actual price of the ticket for your destination is. This is the reason you need to search for rates on the airline’s website to get an idea about the costs.

Sometimes, the prices are better than any other third-party travel website; you are watching for prices.

Of course, you need to go through a lot of different airline websites to get an idea of prices, but the research will be worth it. Another reason is to look for an airline website prices is to use for frequent airline flyers.

One of the best features of Google flights is to use multiple destinations to multiple cities to determine the prices. Google flight search engine is high-speed, giving you results without any problems. If you want to book a ticket, it will take your airline’s website. The benefit is, you get to use any rewards program by the airline’s company.

So, this is how you can plan a trip with Google Flights. We are sure; it will significantly help you.

Google Flights To Save Money on Flights Bookings

There is a reason why Google flights is one of the best Meta flight search engines on the internet. Its features and easy to use interface has made it famous. Not only in the United States of America, but it is also renowned worldwide to search for flight tickets. However, there are so many features one could get confused about how to use it. So, here we wanted to tell you about some of the features which can help you in saving money on Flight booking. There are multiple features. However, we have covered only five of them. Once you are familiar with Google Flights, you can explore it on your own flights bookings

. For now, let’s see what those features are.

Let’s take a glance at the ways; we are going to tell you.

  • Check out Track price feature
  • Tips bar to indicate if the price is low
  • exploring the world
  • Flexibility is the key to get the best flight tickets
  • A thing about Budget
flights bookings

Check Out Track Price Feature | Flights Bookings

We begin by doing the most straightforward thing on Google Flights. You can, set up a fare alert to monitor the prices. Go to the site; there put the departure city and arrival city, then the dates.  Click on search. Now you will see the list of airlines.  Track price is the option you are looking for. It is near the departure tab. could you turn it on? If you enable it, you will receive a price whenever there is a change in it. You may think this is not useful, but trust us, these days the airfare changes so frequently, at some point you will receive an alert of airfare going down. So, keep the alert on.

Tips Bar to indicate if the price is low

 When you see the list of the airlines, there is usually a tips bar appearing either in the between of the airlines or at the top. When you click on it, it suggests whether the price for the trip is low, typical, or high. You should know Google Flights collect airfare from the airlines and travel website. It provides you an insight into the airfare flights bookings.  Google has access to past flight trends. With it helps, it gives you these insights.

Exploring The World

This is an unusual but useful feature embedded in Google flight. Let’s say you want to go on a holiday but not sure where you are heading. It is not a random search instead of seeing the destinations with cheap flight deals. Here’s how it works. You put a city name in the departure option. Then click on the map. It’s as simple as we are telling you. You are going to see the cheapest deals for the next six months. However, you can choose a specific month to search the places from the date’s option. Try it; you are not going to be disappointed.

Flexibility is the key to get the best flight tickets – This is a simple thing to do. No complicated stuff. It is called Date Grip option. When you see it for a route, it will give you airfare for every day. This is why you need to be flexible with dates. If you book one or two days early, you could save a few bucks. Another thing you should try is the price graph to see the trends in the prices.  You can know when the prices will be low or high in a month.

A think about Budget – Here, we wanted to share a few things to give you an insight. We are sure you know; Google Flights provides hotel booking services as well. Sometimes if you are not able to find a cheap flight deal, you can book a hotel which is giving away deal. This way, you balance your budget.  You can save some money. After all, you aim to save your dollars.

Using Google Flights In The Right Way

So, this is our blog for using Google Flights in the right way. We are sure; it will help you in finding the best flight deals and flights bookings. However, if you wanted to know about a specific issue, then do let us know; we will try to help you.  We wish you all the best on your next travel endeavor.

Travel in 2020, Check Out These Destinations

The New Year is upon us. It means as a traveler, it time to check out new destinations. There are a lot of places to check out, although it is tough to decide where you want to go. So, here we tried to tell out about some of the best destinations. You might have already checked them out in your previous journeys. If you have them, jump to next destinations, otherwise read, why it is unique. In case you begin to look for cheap flights deals, you can take the help of Google Flights Travel. Now, let’s see what those destinations are.

New Orleans

We will begin with the traditional choices. Now, one might think, why new although. Well, there are two reasons, its cuisine tried and its history. Both are always a treat to explore. You should begin your journey with NewOrleans for a fresh traveling experience. There has been newly open bars, hotels and museums. There is a newer airport too back in November. It means, it is now easy to come to this city. An Orleans international airports where you will get to eat in Dooly Chase or visit the local market false market.

If you are planning to travel with kids, then after coming here. You should go to Louisiana Children’s museums. It is an exciting museum to check out. There is a new world war two museum as well in the warehouse district. Overall you will enjoy the city.

Travel in 2020

A Day For History Travel, Visit Washington, D.C

How we can forget about Washington D.C., we will get directly to the points. For the 100th anniversary of the passage of women’s suffering, you should head to the Smithsonian National Museum of American history. It will happen in March with a curated exhibition which will be titled, ‘Creating Icons: How we remember women’s suffrage.’ From there, you should head to National archive museums. Where there is a new exhibition going on Titled “Rightfully Hers: American women and the right to vote.”

From there you should move to the Planet word Museum. It is dedicated to the history of language. Don’t you think it would be a unique kind of museum to check out?  Now, for those history buffers, who want to visit a place for photography? Go to the National Portrait Gallery is the place where you should go. There are several new portraits to check out.

There are many new hotels which will be open. Hotel Zena, more modern, and the generator are some of them. You can use Google Flights to book these hotels, and who knows, you might have some offers as well.

Other places which you should not miss are Vietnam veteran memorials, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, National November of art and National Air and Space Museum. These all are the best places to check out in Washington D.C

A Unique Destination -Rwanda

Now, it’s time to go international.  We present you a unique destinations to check out a nation of the individual. The place is famous for having mountain gorillas. The problem was, the places to stay wereminimal to stay, thus the reason for not exploring it. However now, a new state of the art resorts are getting opened, thus making 2020 an entire year to check out this beautiful country. Overall all you are going to love this country. For flights, you can check out Google Flights Travel.

The Culture in Galway Ireland

For time to experience a new culture. To do, head to the city of Galway in Ireland. Located on the wild Atlanticway. It is a city with old fashioned pubs and modern restaurants. First head to Eyre Square, where you will see the blend of an old and new culture. Then in LatinQuarter, you can shop for local goods. You won’t get bored, because there would be street performers to entertain you. Do you know there are more than 100 festivals are celebrated the city earning the name city of festivals — two of the most famous called Galway International Arts and Galway races.

So, these are some of the best destinations you can check out to travel in 2020. We are sure you will love these unique places. For flights and hotel booking, you can take the help of Google Flights. Enjoy your traveling.

Some Of The Best Ways To Find Cheap Flights

Everyone wants to find cheap flights; it is an essential part of travelling. However, people find it challenging to find those cheap deals. This is why we have brought up a few of the essential ways to find those tickets. We are going to share them; you can use them next time when you fly next time or go on vacation. SO, here are the best ways. We will mention from Google Flights and other methods.

Be Flexible about the flying days | Best Ways

So, this is the first thing you need to know. It is not possible to find cheap flights without having flexible days. You won’t get a deal without it. Generally, this happens, you are looking for dates, and then you see a date. It is expensive because of the price or if a holiday is approaching. However, to find a deal, you have to adjust the dates whether sometimes a few days ahead or a few days back how you can find it. You can use Google Flights for it. There is the calendar in it, which shows the real-time prices of the flight routes.  Let us understand it via an example.  You are searching for a flight near the thanksgiving. If you search it for a day before, the prices are likely to rise. So, depending upon the destination, you should check for the prices three-four before you want to fly.  This is how flexible date work and best ways.


At What Time Of The Day You Want To Fly

When you want to fly, in the evening when everyone is done with work and now ready to fly, the thing is you should figure out the busiest time at which people fly. Generally, the business travel hours are between morning and evening; the cheapest flight prices are late at night or early morning. There is one another reason to catch the flight in the early morning, the flights are rarely delayed.

What airport you are choosing

This method will not work for everyone. It only works when there are multiple airports in one city. You see the flight prices vary as per the airport as well. So, whether you are flying domestically or internationally, first check if there are other airports. Check price on the airport differently to make sure you will get the lowest prices. It may not always work, but it is another effective way of finding cheap flights. You can use Google Flights for it or any other site.

Whether a nonstop flight or one-stop flight

This is something you have to find out for yourself. Again it does not always work, but still, if it does work, then you are in luck. The nonstop flights are expensive in most of the cases, however one stop flights are also cheaper in most of the cases. So wherever you are flying, check them. Who knows you might find a good deal.

Price Tracking In Google Flights

So, in simple words, it means Google Flights will send you regular updates when there is a fluctuation in the price. Now, let’s see how to enable it. Go to Google flights Official site. Choose any location in departure and then in return. Choose the dates. Here you can change the trip, whether it is going to be around way or one way. If you are planning to travel with family, then updates it as well. Then Choose the class.

In the last click on search, to find the flights. On the left upper side, you can now enable the track prices option. The only requirement is to have a google account. After allowing it, you will receive updates from Google Flight wherever there is a change in the airfare. You can share the airfare with anyone as well, in case you are looking at it for someone else.

Sign up on various airfare sites

This is one of the best ways to do it. It is straightforward as well. Go to various websites, Sign up for airfare deals and you are good to go. It is simple. From time to time, you will receive deals to multiple destinations from domestic and international.

So, these aresome of the methods you can check out to find cheap flights deals. We are sure it will help you.

Best Websites To Look For Flight Tickets

Flight Tickets:- When you begin to look for a flight ticket, the search seems endless. You jump from website to website in hopes to get a better deal than the last one. You know your destination, the dates and other things about the trip, but still, you are not able to find the perfect flight deal. So, here we wanted to tell you about some of the best flights booking website. We will notify you about Google Flights, Kayak and other websites. Now, let’s get started.

Flight Tickets


We begin with one of the best online players on the internet. It is a metasearch flight search engine website. The homepage is simple; you put the dates and the dates. After searching it tell you about the cheapest flight prices. The visual presentation of the costs and dates are the strengths. You can track expenses as well. However there is mix and match fares which means when booking two tickets, you need to book them separately. But you will find it extremely useful; there is no doubt about it.


Not only is it an OTA, it is also a search engine. These both features make it very useful. The search interface is straightforward. You put the details; then it will show you the flight prices from various sources. However, when you need to book the flight tickets, you will end up on different websites.  Since there are different website showing in one place, you can see the lowest price quickly. Do check out the Kayak Hacker fare. It is one of the best features of a kayak. It also has a price tracker to keep an eye on the price. However, if you are looking for a specific flight, then kayak might not be suitable for you.


You may have already heard about Expedia. It is a great website all over the world. It is OTA website present on the internet from the 90s. In the beginning, it was considered one of the best sites to book flights website. But how does it hold in the present time? The thing is, you don’t need to find the cheapest deals. We had done many searches, but the results were not satisfactory. There are rewards programs as well, but they mainly target hotel bookings.  If you want to upgrade via Expedia, you might face some issues.

Google Flights

Similar to Momodu, Google flights is a Metasearch engine for flights. You will find it very easy when using it. In fact, it is responsible for creating a revolution in online flight booking. You give the details, and it shows you the flights. To book a flight tickets, it will redirect you a booking website. It is third party website links and official airlines sites too. There are four main features which makes Google Flights a unique website among its competitors. They are Date grid, price graph, Airports and tracking prices. There is another feature of it. You can search for unknown destinations at the lowest prices.  If you are new to Google Flights, you may end up complicating things.

Cheap Air

An OTA with own credit card. How better it can get. If you purchase $500 worth of things, you receive $50 in rebate.  It is expensive to book tickets from here. But it balances from the superior service it offers. The reasons is, they charge for booking fees which make it very expensive. 


Launched in 2001, it is a flight booking OTA from the beginner days of booking online flight booking services. They have their rewards program called Orbitz Rewards. You can earn points for booking hotels, flights tickets and spending on other items. It is simple, you buy things, and for them, you receive the Orbitz points. The prices were lower when we did our flight price research; however,there is a booking fee which makes it expensive.

Price Line

Similar to Other OTA, Priceline does have some great features. But like other website, it also has some hidden charges as well.  However, if you want to book tickets, some details remain invisible until you reach the final page of booking.  During our research, the flight’s prices were the same across other OTAs and on the official website of the airline. But as we said, the details were hidden until the last moment and there were booking charges, which ultimately made the price expensive. 

The best feature is the specific deal flights. If you are flexible with your flying dates, then you will find cheap deals very quickly. You can cancel the flight’s arrangements within 24 hours of booking without getting charges anything.

So, these are some of the best websites on the internet to find flight prices. We had Google flights, Priceline, Cheap Air and another site. We are sure; you will find the best deals.

A Perfect Flight Deal With Google Flights

There are many ways of using Google flights. The average users use it to find a straightforward deal. However, there are many ways through which one can get the best deal. When it comes to pro users, they have many techniques which allow them to find a perfect flight deal with Google Flights. Today in this blog, we are going to share some of them. After reading about them, you can easily find a flight deal.

The option of flexible dates

When you are searching for a flight between specific dates, you need to if setting the day one day previous or one day forward can you save you money. To know about it, use the Date Grid feature. There you will see the prices for one week — this little flexibility saves your time for searching the tickets on different dates. You book the tickets faster. You can move the date one day at a time to know many airfares.

perfect flight deal

Setting the Price Alert to Find the Cheapest Deal

There are very few flight booking platforms, which provides price tracking features. Google flights are one of those platforms. While in another platform, the steps would be a little challenging to track the price. In Google flights, it is a straightforward process. When you are on google flights search for perfect flight deal, Put all the information, Name of departure city, Arriva city, then date. Click on search.

Now when you see the list of flights, you can see the option of price tracking. Since it is the diable, drag it right to enable it. Now Google will track the latest pricings. However, you need a google account, where it will send you the most recent prices as it gets updated. You get the costs in real-time, So You won’t miss if you are getting a low price for your destination.

What Are Your Personal Preferences? Perfect Flight Deal

The more you fly, the more you are going to know about your airports, for example, there are more than five airports in this city. So when you have used all of them, you develop a personal preference for a specific airport. Google Flights has a powerful way to choose a particular airport. From there you can see the airfare.  You can select an airport for excluding two flights for a layover. Alternatively, you could find a destination to have a delay. You could travel there for free. Isn’t a brilliant idea?

Multi origin cities

Look for some flights, or some routes are expensive. However, they are costly from an airport. Yet they could become cheaper from another place. So, Google flights give you the ability to Choose multiple points of origin to widen your preferences. You get to choose the most inexpensive plane based on it.

Do not worry about using incognito mode

When you are using other Flight booking website, you need to use incognito mode. The reason behind this strategy is, when you are searching for a flight booking, after some time, you will see the prices are going up for the destination you are seeking. It may happen in a few hours or days. However, when you are using Google flights, you are not likely to face this issue.

Do You Have a Favorite Airline?

If you are a traveler, Who is fussy about a particular airline company, then Google flight will make you happy when you are searching for a trip, Google flights give you to select airlines of your choice on the route.

There are plenty of travelers who have their favorite plane company to fly out. Not only a preferred plane But if you are selective about an alliance. It is covered as well in Google flights. It comes in handy when you want to use the frequent flier program through the airline’s partners.

Try the Hotel Feature

Let’s say the flight price does get expensive, no matter what method you have tired. So, how you can balance it, well, the best way to do is to find a cheap hotel. Yes, You won’t find the ideal best deals, but again, there is no denying, in Google Flights, you could find a lot of hotel deals. To use it, Go to the menu on Google Flights, then you will see the hotel option. From there you can choose a hotel as per your preferences.

In Last, How to complete the booking process

So, how you can book flight tickets via Google Flights. Well, it is simple. Find the flight you want to book, then choose it. On the last page, Google Flights will send you to a booking page. There fill the information, then you can book your tickets.

This was our blog on Google Flights and how to find perfect flight deal with it. We are sure it will help you.

Explore these destinations for your next Trips in 2020

The 2019 is coming to an end; you must be planning for your next travel destinations in 2020. There are a lot of exciting destinations which would add experience in your upcoming journeys. However, you may end up thinking about where to go. So, this is why we are bringing some of the best destinations you can go in 2020. So, check for your cheap flights on Google Flights, begin hunting. You will save much money if book a little bit early. One more thing, we won’t tell you many places, only few destinations, so you get confused about your next trip in 2020.

Greek Islands

Some destinations are adventures, some are peaceful, and some are seductive. Greek Island is the alluring destination, where you might rouse with the sight. The sighting, the restaurants, and bars are so tempting, you might think of permanently living there. However there is one thing, you may find the hotel price too high. So, before you are ready to take the flight, make sure to find a cheap hotel. The Santorini For Vineyards hike Crete Samaria Gorge or Go to south to visit Mediterranean.

greek island

FishTail in Montana, USA

Ranches, the Heartbeat of America. When you land here, make sure to rent a car to drive. There are many ranches in the USA, but fishtail is unique in places. First you should go to Tippet Rise is a sculpture park.  It spanned across 12000 acres.  The cattle roaming in Sky Country Scenery is another treat for your eyes.  Make sure to check out the artwork. It is cryptic and compelling.


If Your Trip is a blend of Spiritual adventure, then the right place would be Kalutara in Sri Lanka. Here you will find healing practice with Ayurveda. There is no shortage here. So, you will have plenty of chances. Your Body and Mind will be rejuvenated. Imagine this scene. You have booked a hotel, you check at night, but in the morning, you see the entire place is set within Pepper, Cinnamon and Coconut farming. Other than this, You will get to try out Herbal Treatments, Changing Diet, meditation, and Yoga. So, With peace of mind, while looking at the history of the city. There are Colonial Bungalow, Rainforest, and Peaceful gardens.


The Land of Dracula,  the Mysterious mountains are calling you. The Gothic castell will haunt you, turning your travel into a thrilling, horror, and Adventure. However staying at a resort would be a good idea. The view and the sight will melt your heart.

So, these are some of the destinations where you can spend your time in 2020. If you begin to search for cheap hotels, then Google Flights is an excellent website.

mexico city (1)

What free things you can do in Mexico City

When you are in Mexico City, there is no ending of the things you can do. But We know every activity costs you money. But in every city, there are things to do, which requires no dimes. So, we wanted to bring you a few of those things you can do in Mexico City. Some of the things very obvious, but reminding them is not a good idea. If you are already here or planning to, you can check for low airfares on Google Flights. There you will see cheap flight tickets. Now, let’s see about those things.

Mexico city

The Street Performances in Mexico City

If you have ever lived in the big cities in the United States of America, you must be already familiar with it. The street performances are one of the best free things to do in Mexico City. When you are exploring this beautiful city, you should not be surprised when you come across it. From modern performances, you will see the dances wearing traditional costumes of Aztec dancers.  The Voladores is probably the most popular here. You will find them in front of the National Museum Of Anthropology. At Garibaldi Metro station you will see Mariachi play. You can even hire them to sing you. If you are traveling with kids, then they should have a chance to view it.  But if you don’t want to pay, then listening is enough. Visit your family on Thanksgiving under 400$

Visiting The Museums

There are many museums in New Mexico, which charge very less or completely free to take a tour. Here are a few of them to see it. You will have a chance to see the city history.  The first museum you should go would be the Museo Palacio Cultural Banamex. There are many collections of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, And Jose Clemento Orszoxo.  After that, you can head to  Museo Soumaya. This museum was the visitation of the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.  You will see a variety of art collections.  Some museums offer one free day admission in a week. They are Museo Dolores Olmedo and Noche De Museos. 

Roaming Around the Mexico City Market

These are the activities about which you will say, isn’t it obvious. But still we wanted to mention it. Mexico City has some of the fascinating markets in the world. The things, if you wanted to explore every bit of the market, you would need a few days to do it. It would be up to you if you wanted to buy anything or not. But still, it is a place you don’t want to miss. The Mercado De la  Ciudadela at Balderas Metro station has many surprises for you.  Then in San Angel, you will find the Bazaar Sabado. Here the handicrafts are very popular. Make sure to take a look at them. Visit our guide on New Mexico. Check out more info on Mexico City here.

So, these are the things you can do free of cost in Mexico city. If you want to save more money, then you can check for cheap hotels on Google Flights. You will find good hotel deals there.

Best Cities to travel out in Thanksgiving under $400

In thanksgiving some people want to travel to other cities, some want to sit back and relax. If you are from the first category, well, then this blog is for you. We have got some really cool cities here for thanksgiving, where you can travel in less than $400. So, if you have already planned something read it to know about to do. Well if you have not stilled planned anything, then you are going to love these places, we are going to mention here. So, get on Google Flights be ready to know about them more. So, you can search for flying tickets and book them instantly.  But one thing you should know, the flight price will vary, so you may get a cheap ticker or may not.


Las Vegas

The first city should not be surprised. After all, the sin city is famous across the globe for its parties. On Thanksgiving, you can not expect muss less. Renowned as the Sin City, you can gamble, ramble and party. No matter in which casino you will enter, you are going to find the best of things. The best thing you can do is to eat your dinner in a skyscraper watching the city moving. There is nothing better than this. But one thing we have noticed, during Thanksgiving, the places could be quieter. However it does not mean the fun will be less. Check our in depth guide for Las Vegas for best things to do. 

Denver, Colorado

Now, we should move from the party place to a more relaxing place. Denver would be perfect city. The High mile city hosts several events. The best thing during thanksgiving is the Grand illumination at the Denver Union Station.  There are many places for ice skating. Do it only if you are feeling comfortable with it. The temperature could go high as 40 and low as 20. Make sure you have clothes for winter. And for the cheap flights, the ideal airline would be united airlines.  The basic economy tickets you could find out under $300. However checking out other airlines would not be a bad idea.


There is nothing better than a place that has a blend of high skyline buildings and nature. So, how about visiting the site wherein one shot you can cover both. This is what you can expect in Seattle, Washington. A place surrounded by buildings, trees, and water will be a choice you will never regret when you made it. The best thing here would be walking around in the morning when everything is calm. Head to Pike place market for eating, shopping and exploring. There is Space needle which you should check out. You can not predict the rain here, so it would be better to bring waterproof jacket as well. Now for cheap flying tickets, we would recommend using Alaska airlines between Nov 27 and Dec 3. You could find this deal on Google Flights Search. The prices should be under less than $300. Take a trip to Mexico with our guide next holiday

So, these are the places you can check for your winter holiday. We are sure you are going to love all of them. Read more about Thanksgiving here. Happy Thanksgiving.