Las Vegas

Best things to do in Las Vegas

The Sin City, this is the name often attributed to Las Vegas. However, when you actually want to visit here, you want to know what are some of things to do that make Las Vegas special. So here we are going to suggest some activities. Once you begin to explore the city, you can do these things easily. So if you are planning a vacation over a weekend then you should start your search for cheap flights on Google Flights. There you will find many good flight deals to Las Vegas.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Here is a list of things to do in Las vegas

  • Getting to see Paris at night
  • The high Roller
  • Crawling a Rock
  • Beach Club in Delano

Getting to see Paris at night

We should tell you this first, the view of a Paris could be seen from a specific hotel called The Cosmopolitan.  The Terrace suite there, you will offer the view. Now you are wondering if the cost of staying here would be worth. Yes it will be worth every penny.  If you are planning to visit with friends then you can divide the price for staying here.

The high Roller

It’s not every day you get a chance to see the city from a viewpoint.  The sky is cleared, and the view is fantastic. The high roller at the Linq offers you the experience. It is a Ferris wheel that will show you 360 Degree of Las Vegas. You will see the Las Vegas valley, The desert and the strip.  The ride is about 30 minutes, and the prices for tickets would be from $20 to $25.

The Adventure of Crawling on a Rock in Las Vegas

Imagine you are sitting in a jeep. It is trying to reach a boulder. The speed is 2MPH. You have seen those Jeep trying to navigate in big Boulders only on TV. However, you can experience it firsthand. You will understand the meaning of adventure when you are doing it. You can contact Las Vegas Rock Crawlers. Don’t worry; there will be a guide who will explain everything to you.

Sit, Relax and read a book At The Beach Club at Delano

Not everything in Las Vegas has to be adventures. Sometimes you want to sit, relax, drink cocktails and read a book. You can do everything at The Beach Club.Once you are here, just try to relax. You can have a massage, a meal or sit in a chair near the pool. Whatever you do, you will have a touch of Delano Luxury. It will enhance your experience through the roof.

So, these are some of the things you can do in Las Vegas over the weekend. For Cheap hotels, You can search them on Google Flights. There you will find many deals on Hotels. For more info about attractions , check out here

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