Best Cities to travel out in Thanksgiving under $400

In thanksgiving some people want to travel to other cities, some want to sit back and relax. If you are from the first category, well, then this blog is for you. We have got some really cool cities here for thanksgiving, where you can travel in less than $400. So, if you have already planned something read it to know about to do. Well if you have not stilled planned anything, then you are going to love these places, we are going to mention here. So, get on Google Flights be ready to know about them more. So, you can search for flying tickets and book them instantly.  But one thing you should know, the flight price will vary, so you may get a cheap ticker or may not.


Las Vegas

The first city should not be surprised. After all, the sin city is famous across the globe for its parties. On Thanksgiving, you can not expect muss less. Renowned as the Sin City, you can gamble, ramble and party. No matter in which casino you will enter, you are going to find the best of things. The best thing you can do is to eat your dinner in a skyscraper watching the city moving. There is nothing better than this. But one thing we have noticed, during Thanksgiving, the places could be quieter. However it does not mean the fun will be less. Check our in depth guide for Las Vegas for best things to do. 

Denver, Colorado

Now, we should move from the party place to a more relaxing place. Denver would be perfect city. The High mile city hosts several events. The best thing during thanksgiving is the Grand illumination at the Denver Union Station.  There are many places for ice skating. Do it only if you are feeling comfortable with it. The temperature could go high as 40 and low as 20. Make sure you have clothes for winter. And for the cheap flights, the ideal airline would be united airlines.  The basic economy tickets you could find out under $300. However checking out other airlines would not be a bad idea.


There is nothing better than a place that has a blend of high skyline buildings and nature. So, how about visiting the site wherein one shot you can cover both. This is what you can expect in Seattle, Washington. A place surrounded by buildings, trees, and water will be a choice you will never regret when you made it. The best thing here would be walking around in the morning when everything is calm. Head to Pike place market for eating, shopping and exploring. There is Space needle which you should check out. You can not predict the rain here, so it would be better to bring waterproof jacket as well. Now for cheap flying tickets, we would recommend using Alaska airlines between Nov 27 and Dec 3. You could find this deal on Google Flights Search. The prices should be under less than $300. Take a trip to Mexico with our guide next holiday

So, these are the places you can check for your winter holiday. We are sure you are going to love all of them. Read more about Thanksgiving here. Happy Thanksgiving.

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