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Google Flights | Book Flights at 75% OFF | Google Flights Search

Google Flights | Book Flights at 75% OFF | Google Flights Search

There are not many websites on the internet which can give you a complete solution for the two most essential components of your holiday: a cheap flight ticket and an excellent least expensive hotel to stay in. However, what if we could tell you there is a way of getting these two things in one place. We are talking about Google Flights, a flight search engine provided by the internet giant “Google”. 

However, we are here not tell you about its history, but instead focusing on its use and the benefits you can have. So the next time you are trying to find those cheap flight cheap for your next holiday, you know how to find. So, let’s get to it. One more thing, the way we are going to tell you, you can apply these tips for flight or hotel booking. Now we will see Google Flights in a different way. 

How to use Google Flights to  find cheap flight tickets?

So, here it goes. We begin by Going to Google Flights website. You can go to either via searching it on a search engine or directly typing the address in the address bar. Now by default, you are going to see the flight search page. There are few things which you can see on the page. First, there is the search bar for finding flights. The option for the trip, which has three options, Round trip, one-way trip, and multi-city trip. Then there is choosing the option for number of passengers. It can go up to the nine passengers maximum. For selecting a class, there are four classes. They are Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First class. After it, Departure and arrival option which choosing a specific date.

However, you see this setting on any standard travel website how Google Flights is unique. Now we are going to tell you about it. Scroll down; you will see two things. First is the option for Suggested trip, which we can say with confidence are the destinations with low prices. Then there is a map about which we talk later. However, first, let’s see how to find those cheap tickets.

We would understand it better if we take an example to understand it better. Let’s say we are searching for flight between New York and Las Vegas. The dates are going to be between from October 20 to October 25. The number of passengers will be one with tickets for Economy class. This example is only for reference, So you can understand how to find those cheap flight prices. Now let’s put it on the departure, arrival, and the date option. Click on search.

Google Flights

Things to see on the flight search page

A result appears with all the airline’s results coming up. The results came up with the best departing flights. There is Delta airlines reservations, Jetblue Airlines reservations, Spirit airlines reservations, and united airlines reservations. There are more airlines, but we wanted to take the name of few to show you how Google Flights extensively covers many airlines prices. This is one of the reasons why Google Flights is a very trustable choice among travelers.

Now, Three are a few options which you need to look for. This options will help you to determine whether the prices are low or not.

The Suggestion Box – Yes, the first things you need to look out for is the suggestion box. Basically, it describes if the prices are low, typical, or High. As we see the costs for our trip example, we can see the prices are average low. Google Flights is suggesting to us; the price could go lower. So, how can we see it? Well for seeing it, we will move to next features.

Date Grid

This is the first option; you need to choose. As you click on it, A price will appear. It tells you the costs of the flights day by day. We can see after a few days; the prices will lower. In fact it is going down less than $200. So, if you are willing to adjust the days, then a lower price is definitely available for you. There are three colors you will see — Green, red and Black. The green represents lower prices, red being the expensive one and the black color being the neutral prices. You can scroll the dates to see the airfare for one day each. There is Departure date grid and Return date grid both. So, you can see how it helps you to find those cheap tickets. Let’s move on to the next feature.

Price Graph

Now, there is price graph, which tells you about the price trend of a flight. First you need to choose the duration of your holiday to see the pattern. After selecting the dates, Google Flights will show you the price tend in a month. If you look for the example we have taken above; the prices are high at the end of October. So, it’s quickly telling you about the costs. If you look to the right, the prices are going high in the middle of November. Seeing the prices, you can decide whether you want to book for your chosen dates or you want to change it a little bit.

Track Prices

Here comes the best feature to get the info about the lowest prices on the entire internet. Using it is really simple. You have to enable it by dragging it right. As you do it, Google Flights will begin to send you the price updates on your registered Gmail account. However, you won’t get daily reminders on your email. You receive an email only when there are changes in the prices.

So, this is how you can find those cheap tickets on Google Flights. There is one more thing we need to tell you before we move on to finding affordable hotel prices. How to use the map. So let’s get to it.

How to explore the unknown destination with cheap flight prices?

We will explain it in simple steps so that you can understand it clearly. First Go to Flights page. Do not put anything, No name in departure or set a date anything. Click on map. Then when you click on it, you will see the suggestions for destinations. Now put the city name in the departure option from where you want to take the flight. You will see ideas for various destinations with cheap airfares. If you do not have a definite destination in your mind for your next holiday, then you should definitely use this feature of Google Flights.

Now, after knowing the ways to find cheap tickets for known and unknown places, we need to find a way to book a hotel at affordable prices. Here Google flights can also help you. So, let’s see.

Finding Cheap hotels With Google flights

Remember we have taken an example above. We will use the destination ‘Las Vegas’ to understand it better. However, first, how to access it?

How to find the hotel page?

You can find it on the menu. Click on it. Google Flights will redirect you to the page.

Hotel search process

Now on the page. There are three things: the destination, the dates, and the number of guests. Fill them up. We will use ‘ Las Vegas’ From ‘ Oct 21 to Oct 25’ for one guest only. A new will open with all the hotel’s suggestions.

Finding cheap hotels

Before we do anything, do this first. On the map, choose a particular place where you are going to stay. You want to stay near a specific area. Let’s say we are searching for a hotel near Arts district So on the map; we zoom in near it. The list of the hotel gets updated. This step lets us filter the unnecessary hotels which we don’t need. However, you don’t have to use it if you are ready to stay anywhere.

You would see the various options presented in the upper section. There Choose more filters, Now in more filters, there is another option which is called “Just deals”. This is the best option to find those cheap hotel deals.

For this example, we can see the deals. There is The Rita Suites, Golden Gate casino-hotels, Sin city hotel, and City Center Motel. Every one of them is proving these cheap Hotel Deals. So, now you can decide for yourself.

There is one more thing; you can track prices for hotels as well. However, it works only when you are finding the hotels in Normal mode, not in Deals option. If you want to track the prices, then disable the ‘Just deals” options. You will see the option for monitoring hotel prices.


We showed you the way to find cheap tickets for flights and hotel as well. As you keep on using it, you will understand it better. The flight prices vary daily, so it’s best to check it for yourself on Google Flights once in a while. Also read our Privacy Policy .

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